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Quality Self Adhesive Waterproofing Membrane, Torch Applied Waterproofing Membrane manufacturer from China

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2023 Company Promotional Video of Joaboa Tech

May 30, 2023
Top Brand of Building Waterproof Materials from China, Representative Brand of Chinese Self-adhesive Waterprooof Membranes, Wolrd-class Quality of PVC/TPO Synthetic Membranes Credited by FM Approvals.

Joaboa Tech is a Top 3 brand of building waterproofing/Decoration & Energy-saving/Floor Hardening materials/artificial inorganic quartz from China.

Unlike other suppliers, we are very different by providing series of unique systems that can solve many issues when using traditional products or systems,
by reducing the total cost and shortening the construction period with the decrease of construction layers and application steps.

The top and biggest buildings decorated with aluminum facade system are all built by us in Chinese mainland here.
And for HQ of HUAWEI/TENCENT/ALIBABA, most of VIVO/OPPO/TCL's production bases are also built by us, using waterproofing/facade system by us as well.

We are mainly looking for some business partners who have their own companies or resources that we can work together based on agents/distributors relationship.

Please visit us on https://www.joaboa-tech.com for more information.

Shenzhen Joaboa Technology Co., Ltd.
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