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Company Culture

Enterprise Mission

Enterprise Mission

Enterprise mission is the purpose and significance of the existence of a company. As a leading enterprise in the waterproofing industry, Joaboa Tech's mission is to dedicate non-leakage waterproofing projects to the society, and care for the poetic and peaceful living of human beings. The most important thing here is to accomplish projects without leakage issues. It is necessary to adhere to ZERO DEFECT quality management philosophy to achieve "non-leakage": doing the right thing, doing it right and doing it right at the very first time. 
Corporate Vision

Corporate Vision

Our vision, as well as strategic positioning, is to be the pioneer of high quality waterproof system. The high quality of QA requires us to strictly control the quality of materials and construction quality, including all aspects from production to construction, "to do things right for the very first time". The high quality of service requires that our service response speed is faster, the construction efficiency is higher, the late service is more thoughtful, and we should be responsible for the results. 
Core Value

Core Value

FAITHFUL AND GENEROUS, PRAGMATIC AND EFFICIENT, WIN-WIN COOPERATION, CREATING VALUE FOR CUSTOMERS. Being faithful and genenous is the minimum standard to be a good human being. Pragmatism and efficiency are the requirements of doing things. Win-win Cooperation is the concept of the company management. Creating value for customers is the meaning of Joaboa Tech's existence in this waterproofing industry.  

Brand Meaning

The company logo is made up of a blue letter "Z" and a gold letter "B". Gold symbolizes the brilliant and bright future of the enterprise, giving people a positive and exciting impression. Blue means that the enterprise takes scientific and technological innovation as the driving force to implement the blue ocean strategy to stand out from vicious competition. It also means that the enterprise has a broad mind and vision like the ocean, and a calm and rational attitude in the process of operation and management. 
Brand Meaning

Company Mascot

Joaboa Tech's mascot is a cute dolphin baby. Dolphins are highly capable and intelligent marine mammals with a friendly appearance and playful disposition. The dolphin baby represents the pioneering and innovative image of Joaboa Tech that rides the wind and waves in the "blue ocean" of waterproofing industry.
Company Mascot

Work Hard, Play Hard

  • Playing Basketball
    Playing Basketball
  • Playing Tennis
    Playing Tennis
  • Flower Arrangement
    Flower Arrangement
  • Yoga
  • Desert Challenge
    Desert Challenge
  • Tug of War
    Tug of War
  • Training
  • Delicious Fruits
    Delicious Fruits
  • Birthday Party
    Birthday Party
  • New Year Gifts
    New Year Gifts
  • Table Tennis
    Table Tennis
  • Book Bar
    Book Bar
  • Fitness Room
    Fitness Room
Employee Care


Joaboa Tech respects and takes good care of the employees. While creating a good working environment for them, more attention has been paid to their personal growth, improvement of the training system and the setup of the platform for their career development. At the same time, more importance has been attached to enriching the staff's leisure cultural life and creating a "happy employee" culture.

  • Professional Vocational Training Activities

    • Training Programme Aimed at Senior Management

    • Training Programme Aimed at Middle-level Management

    • Special Training Camp for Sales

    • Speech Contest

    • Thematic Learning Activities

    • Joaboa Online School

  • Interesting Welfare Activities

    • Afternoon Tea Time

    • Birthday Party

    • Women's Day Activities on March 8

    • Fun Games

    • Gift Exchange on New Year's Day

  • Rich Club Activities

    • Reading Club, Yoga Club, Badminton Club, Basketball Club, etc.