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Joaboa Tech's Public Welfare Activity, Providing Free Maintenance Service for the Community with Water Leakage Issue

Joaboa Tech's Public Welfare Activity, Providing Free Maintenance Service for the Community with Water Leakage Issue


Latest company case about Joaboa Tech's Public Welfare Activity, Providing Free Maintenance Service for the Community with Water Leakage Issue

Outside the window, the sun is shining, but inside, it is cold and damp. If there is a rainstorm, it will be with water in the balcony. A half basement space, which has been in use for 29 years, is not a big area, but it is the place where Aunt Wang lives. In the face of house leakage, Aunt Wang has inconvenient eyes (blind), simply powerless to do anything. In 2022, the China Building Waterproofing Association and the Disabled Persons Association of Dongcheng District of Beijing organized a public welfare activity of "Going into the Community to Diagnose Leakage". Aunt Wang applied to the Disabled Persons' Federation for maintenance. After learning about the situation, Joaboa Tech volunteered to visit her home six times, which lasted 25 days. With professionalism and caring, Joaboa Tech wrote a warm story for love and care.


6 Visits by Joaboa Tech's Technicians, Providing Scientific and Professional Maintenance


In order to better understand the leakage situation of Aunt Wang's home, Joaboa Tech's maintenance team decided to go to the site to investigate, and thus had their first visit.




After entering the house, technicians of Joaboa Tech learned that the leakage problem of the house was mainly due to disrepair. Since the owner did not know the structure of the house, Joaboa Tech initially designed the scheme of grouting maintenance + 2.0mm thick JS cement-based polymer waterproof coating as the internal defense. During the first time to treat the hole with grouting, it was found that the external wall was made of red brick masonry structure, so the scheme was modified.



After discussion, the maintenance team developed a second plan. The construction workers first chisel the wall to the masonry surface of the brick body, and then use Plugging Agent to scratch, twice, the total thickness reaches 100mm, then make a 2.0mm thick JS Cement-based Polymer Waterproof Coating, and the last two times to restore the surface.



A total of 25 days passed between the first visit and the complete resolution of the leakage problem. The service time span is large, and the construction team will communicate with Aunt Wang in advance to determine the appropriate time before entering the site every time, so as to ensure that it does not disturb Aunt Wang's daily life. In addition, in order to reduce the impact of construction, before each construction, the construction workers will lay cardboard or floor MATS; when it's over, construction workers clean up the site and take away the construction waste.


Aunt Wang was very satisfied with the maintenance and construction of Joaboa Tech. After the leakage problem was completely solved, she was even more beaming. Although Aunt Wang could not write, she recorded a video to express her gratitude to Joaboa Tech.


"Into the Community, Diagnose Leakage" public welfare activity has been held continuously for 10 years since 2012. Joaboa Tech has been a solid advocate and practitioner of this public welfare cause. Joaboa Tech works hand in hand with the China Building Waterproof Association, walks with love, works for love, starts from the details, helps the needs and wishes of the community, and demonstrates its social responsibility and mission.

Joaboa Tech will live up to the original intention and mission of "Dedicating Non-Leakage Waterproof Projects to The Society, Caring for the Poetic and Peaceful Living of Human Beings!"