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Waterproof Series
TPO Waterproofing Membrane

Bondsure® TPO Waterproofing Membrane

Bondsure® TPO Waterproofing Membrane

Place of Origin: CHINA
Model Number: TPO
Minimum Order Quantity: 1,000㎡
Packaging Details: With or without pallets; For 1.5mm thickness, 12,000 ㎡ can be loaded into 1x20GP if without pallets.
Supply Ability: 10,000,000㎡ per Month
Type: Synthetic Polymer, Single-ply Roofing
Product Details
Place of Origin
Brand Name
Model Number
Synthetic Polymer, Single-ply Roofing
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
With or without pallets; For 1.5mm thickness, 12,000 ㎡ can be loaded into 1x20GP if without pallets.
Supply Ability
10,000,000㎡ per Month
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Synthetic Polymer TPO Waterproofing Membrane


Single Ply TPO Waterproofing Membrane


TPO Waterproofing Systems

Product Description

Bondsure™ Membrane Series


Bondsure® TPO Waterproofing Membrane is a kind of thermoplastic polyolefin material. Through special blending technology, polypropylene and ethylene propylene rubber are polymerized together, so that it has both rubber flexibility and plastic weldability. It is the most complete and environment-friendly synthetic polymer roofing material with excellent and comprehensive performance. As a result, Europe, United States, Japan and other developed countries are keen on the use of this type of waterproof product.

It is composed of a layer of reinforced fiber between the top layer and bottom layer and has the weather resistance, ozone resistance, durability and weldability of propylene (EP) rubber. It is chlorine-free, does not contain plasticizer, has high sunlight reflectivity, and can be recycled, safe, energy saving and environmental protection. With superior physical properties: water vapor low permeability, heat aging, low temperature resistance, high fracture strength, stable size and color, high tear strength, puncture resistance.

Bondsure® TPO Waterproofing Membrane 0
Bondsure® TPO Waterproofing Membrane 1

※  Material Features

1. Excellent Performance


FM Approved, high tensile strength, high elongation, can adapt to the base deformation, of excellent high and low temperature performance, can be suitable for the use in different environmental. 


2. Strong Aging Resistance


Passed 10,000h aging test, long service life, good anti-aging performance, can be used for exposed engineering. 


3. Strong Resistance to Damage


Effectively resist the erosion of harmful chemical substances and industrial pollutants, of excellent wear resistance and puncture resistance.


4. High Plasticity


Good puncture resistance, strong root penetration resistance, can be applied to planting roof. For its good plasticity, it's convenient to do details treatment around edge and corner areas.


5. Safe & Environmental-friendly


The construction is simple, fast and environmentally friendly without pollution. High reflectivity, anti-ultraviolet, environmental protection, in line with the energy saving and roof standards, self-extinguishing from fire.


6. Excellent Low Temperature Flexibility


Joaboa Tech's TPO has passed -50℃ low temperature flexibility test, that's why it can become a top brand of TPO waterproofing membrane in Mongolia, to compete with international brands. 



※  Scope of Application


It is applicable to expose and non-exposed roofs of steel structures and concrete structures.
It applies to waterproof engineering of basement and subway tunnels.
Bondsure® TPO Waterproofing Membrane 2

Bondsure® TPO Waterproofing Membrane 3


※ Construction Methods

TPO Waterproofing Membrane can use construction methods as below: Loose Laid Application, Full Ahesion Application, Mechanical Fastening, etc.


Bondsure® TPO Waterproofing Membrane 4

Bondsure® TPO Waterproofing Membrane 5


Bondsure® TPO Waterproofing Membrane 6


Bondsure® TPO Waterproofing Membrane 7

Bondsure® TPO Waterproofing Membrane 8


※  Storage and Transport


1. Different types or specifications of products should be separated, not mixed.

2. Keep it dry and ventilated, protected from the sun or rain.

3. Pile up the membranes flatwise whose stockpile height should not exceed five layers.

4. Prevent tilt or side pressure during transportation, and cover with felt if necessary.

5. Storage time is at least one year from manufacture date if the product is under normal storage condition.


※  Brand  Stature


Joaboa Tech is the 1st editor of China National Standard for TPO Waterproofing Membrane, GB27789-2011, who has enjoyed great reputation in Chinese domestic market for over 20 years, Joaboa Tech's TPO Membrane has been widely used in Mongolia, India, Chile, Peru, Thailand, etc.


Bondsure® TPO Waterproofing Membrane 9

Bondsure® TPO Waterproofing Membrane 10



※  International Cerfificate


Joaboa Tech Bondsure® TPO Waterproofing Membrane has already passed the strictest and highest roofing test- FM Approvals long time ago. 


Being as the Pioneer of High Quality Waterproof System in China, Joaboa Tech is producing the best quality TPO Waterproofing Membrane that can compete with international brands in the global market. 


That's why Joaboa Tech's TPO can be used in 140,000 Mega TCL Industrial Park Zone Project in India, and widely used in Mongolia where the temperature can be as low as close to -50℃.


Bondsure® TPO Waterproofing Membrane 11


Bondsure® TPO Waterproofing Membrane 12

Bondsure® TPO Waterproofing Membrane 13

Bondsure® TPO Waterproofing Membrane 14



※  Document Download


Joaboa Tech Bondsure® TPO Waterproofing Membrane