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Latest company case about HUWEI BANTIAN BASE

latest company case about HUWEI BANTIAN BASE  0Project Profile

The construction site of the waterproof project includes three parts.

The outer wall of the basement: including waterproof layer and related screed layer, protective layer, etc., the waterproof area is about 8000㎡;

The basement roof: including the waterproof layer of the roof (outdoor part) and the related slope finding layer, protective layer, etc., the waterproof area is about 95,000㎡;

Roof engineering: including flat roofing and a small amount of slope roofing (subsidiary buildings) waterproof layer and related to slope making layer, insulation layer, protective layer, decorative layer, waterproof area of about 26,000㎡.

latest company case about HUWEI BANTIAN BASE  0Project Description

At the end of 1998. Huawei started the construction of Bantian Production Base.

Joaboa Tech took the top spot in the fierce competition, using its materials for the waterproofing project at the production base. This project helped Joaboa Tech to complete the original accumulation of capital and laid a solid material foundation for the later achievement in the waterproofing industry.
Huawei Bantian Base is located in Longgang District, Shenzhen, covering an area of 1.3 square kilometers. It consists of a training center, a research and development center, a pilot center, an administrative center, a production center, a data center, an machining center, and employee apartments of Baicaoyuan.
Among them, Huawei's Scientific Research Center Project won the "Luban Award" of China's National Prime-quality Construction Engineering in 2004, becoming the only project in Shenzhen to win this honor.

The project was constructed by Shenzhen Branch of China Construction Bureau II, with a construction area of 300,000 square meters. The center consists of basement (1st floor), three research buildings (7th floor), complex building (21st floor of main building, 1st floor of auxiliary building), dining hall (4th floor) and ancillary buildings (one for VIP reception hall, security room and gas station). The total construction area is 297,790 square meters, the total land area is 149,378 square meters.